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Our hotel weight loss program is a fully immersive hotel weight loss package that covers every aspect of your weight loss journey. With a 7, 14, or 21-day stay, you can achieve great results and a significant start to the new you with long-term weight loss.

Experience the ultimate flexibility in your journey to wellness: Select a location, date, and package that aligns perfectly with your preferences and schedule. Our programs offer unparalleled adaptability, allowing you to undertake your weight loss and health improvement journey at any of our partnering luxury hotels at the most convenient time.

Hotel weight loss program

Do it as a once-off to kick-start your path to wellness and your perfect weight. Or use us as a balancing reboot to realign your health as and when you need it. We are here for your absolute health and love helping our clients achieve remarkable outcomes.  

Using our KetoNeuroGenic Weight Loss Program, we are focused on creating profound mindset changes that go hand in hand with the biochemical ketogenic balancing that occurs through your dietary changes. With three gourmet keto meals served daily, exercise on tap, and spa services as part of your wellness package, you will be on your way to a healthier, happier, more energetic, slimmer version of yourself.     

Utilizing the latest health tech to optimize your results and a deep understanding of transformational neurology (brain) pattern habit-breaking and interrupting, we quickly take weight loss to new heights.

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Our Secrete Formula - Innovative Food, Mindset & Life Hacks for Outstanding Long-Term Results

It has to be easy, fun and formulaic to create long-term change! If a weight loss program is complex, full of foods you hate, and keeps you in starvation mode, how successful do you feel your results will be?

Although “Hack” is defined as “quick and easy to implement”, don’t be fooled into believing our mindset hacking and the changes it creates are short-term only. We understand that the easier our KetoNeuroGenic weight loss program is to implement and follow in the long term, the better long-term weight management results you will achieve. 

Easy-to-follow change implementation is essential for effective long-term weight loss results. We have created a unique program with a step-by-step process around biochemical processes that occur when the body goes into ketosis. We interweave these with mind-hacking NLP techniques that address and support every biochemical change as it happens. Complete synergy with mind and body with nothing overlooked!

Through developing our world’s first KetoNeuroGenic (KNM) Weight Loss Program, we utilise cutting-edge science, tech, and knowledge of how to regulate hunger hormones best, increase insulin sensitivity, and minimise their production. We integrate every biochemical change with a neurological adaptation response to bring about powerful long-term improvements with ease. As your body enters the physical, natural, and healthy changes required for weight loss – ketosis, every aspect of the natural biochemical changes is fully supported with mindset alignment and adjustment.

Think about it: could your body live without your mind/brain? Or could your brain live without your body? Not! Likewise, a weight loss program that fails to break old habits and skips mind support and adjustment will get weight piled back on as soon as the program finishes. It’s unproductive and a complete waste of time! 

When the KNM process is followed, the old habits are interrupted, and cravings and hunger are eliminated, simplifying the weight loss process. This means significantly increased ease of adherence to change implementation, resulting in successful long-term results.

Here is what makes the KetoNeuroGenic Weight Loss Program so powerful

Using dietary modulation, which is a 100% natural process, we focus on regulating biochemical pathways by balancing the following hormones –

Hotel weight loss program

1) Hormones

  1. Insulin (pancreas): insulin reduces as we remove the central stimulant of its production: refined carbohydrates. The eating process additionally improves insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism.
  2. Glucagon (pancreas): glucagon production increases, releasing glucose from the liver for energy.
  3. Ghrelin (Appetite-Stimulating Hormone)(stomach): Ghrelin levels reduce, reducing hunger and significant appetite control.
  4. Leptin (Appetite-Regulating Hormone) (adipose/fat cells): leptin sensitivity improves and contributes to fullness and satiety.
  5. Cholecystokinin (CCK)(small intestine): levels post-meals rise during ketosis, enhancing the feeling of fullness and keeping you away from food for longer.
  6. Peptide YY (PYY)( (Small and Large Intestine): Increased levels contribute to reduced appetite and calorie intake.
  7. Cortisol (Adrenal Glands): cortisol levels are stabilized, reducing the feeling of stress and, as a result, reducing emotional eating.
  8. Adiponectin (Adipose Tissue (Fat Cells): Increased levels, leading to improved fat burning and reduced inflammation. Reduced inflammation leads to lower risk of chronic diseases, improved cardiovascular and joint health, better immune function, better gut health, improved mood and brain function.
  9. Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP-1)(intestines): production increases, promoting insulin secretion and satiety.

2) Organs Balanced via the KetoNeuroGenic weight loss program

  1. Liver: the liver increases ketone production for energy, reducing reliance on glucose and improving liver health.
  2. Pancreas: overall insulin production reduces due to the increase, reducing its workload in lowering blood sugar levels.
  3. Adrenal Glands: fluctuating blood sugar levels become more balanced, reducing the need for adrenalin and cortisol production, further enhancing a state of calm and better sleep – reducing fatigue eating.
Hotel weight loss program

3) Other Processes Enhanced

  1. Gluconeogenesis: The liver converts amino acids and glycerol into glucose, providing necessary glucose in a low-carb environment.
  2. Lipolysis: A new clean form of energy is generated, where stored fats break down into fatty acids, and ketones are used for better energy, brain function and mood.
  3. Ketogenesis: Increased production of ketones in the liver, providing an efficient and clean energy source for the brain and muscles.
  4. Metabolic Flexibility: Improved ability to switch between burning carbs and fats for energy, enhancing metabolic health.
  5. Inflammatory Markers: Reduction in inflammation, improvement in health, reduction in chances of cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and more.
  6. Autophagy: Cellular cleansing (especially when KetoNeuroGenesis is combined with intermittent fasting) improves cell health and longevity.

4) The Brain

The KetoNeuroGenic Weight Loss program has a significant and vital emphasis on “Neuro” or brain health.

Habits originate from neural pathways in the brain. Bad habits (like poor dietary choices and a sedentary lifestyle) are primarily responsible for weight problems. So logically, other than just losing body fat/weight via physical means (dietary regulation and exercise), the brain, mind, and habits must be addressed, and new behavioural patterns must be taught. Einstein was quoted for defining insanity as repeating the same thing and expecting a different outcome. This can be applied to the usual process people adapt when losing weight – they change their eating patterns short term, then return to their previous lifestyle and eating patterns pre-diet, and expect to keep the weight off. Naturally, it doesn’t work like that; we must change “muscle memory,” break patterns, and interrupt bad ones that need to be replaced with healthier, constructive patterns. This is the only way to effect long-term weight loss.

During the KetoNeuroGenic Weight Loss program, you will be virginity trained, mentored, and educated to rewrite the brain. Hence, you automatically reach for healthy life-promoting food and activities and replace the more destructive habits that have got you to where you are today.

the brain

Here are some powerful brain-hacking techniques that are essential to our KetoNeuroGenic Weight Loss program. They are potent, fast-acting and targeted. We utilise them to align with the above biochemical adaptations when you enter ketosis in our program.

  1. Anchoring: Creating a sensory association with a positive state or mood, which can be triggered when needed. We use this NLP strategy to move towards positive eating and lifestyle habits and avoid the more destructive ones.
  2. Reframing: Changing the perception of a situation or experience to alter its meaning and impact. We love to set our participants up for success, so we use this technique to encourage a positive speech pattern and create awareness around negative verbal and mental reinforcements.
  3. Rapport Building: Establishing a connection and trust to facilitate better communication and influence. We like to move our participants into a positive mental state using this approach.
  4. Swish Pattern: Replacing a negative thought or behaviour with a desired one through visualisation is fundamental in retraining the brain to be open to more constructive beneficial processes.
  5. Belief Changing: Identifying limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering ones. This is essential for moving forward to our new goals.
  6. Meta Model: Questioning language patterns to uncover underlying beliefs and assumptions. Your current beliefs got you to where you are today, so perhaps engaging in better, more updated ones can assist in moving you to the next level in life.
  7. Milton Model: Using hypnotic language and suggestion to influence subconscious thought. Dee’s established behavioural patterns require powerful mindset rewiring.
  8. Future Pacing: Visualising achieving goals in the future to increase the likelihood of realisation. Research shows elite sports teams achieving significantly better results with well-structured visualisation. Visualisation is no longer a thing for the “alternative folk. ” It’s a well-researched tool capable of creating exceptional outcomes. 
  9. Submodality Changes: Altering the specific qualities of internal representations (like visual or auditory) to change their impact.
  10. Mapping Across: Transferring the qualities of a positive experience or state to a challenging situation.

We understand some people may be resistant to change and a tad sceptical about some of the tools we employ for mind hacking. The good news is that every tool we use is utilised for a reason. Be it for pattern breaking, mental mind hacking or biochemical change implementation, if it can give our guests a better chance of success, if it is safe and harmless, we guarantee that we won’t be held back by fear and ego. We will use EVERY safe, healthy and ethical tool to give you the best long-term weight loss results possible. And we don’t apologise for this 😊

So when you participate in our weight loss program, rejoice that you will be supported biochemically, physically and mentally. No stone is unturned, and the whole process of total body balancing is covered. We want you to join the “healthy club” and be a shining wellness advocate.  


Neurological Foundation of Habits: Human behaviour, including eating habits, is governed mainly by neural pathways in the brain. Long-term compliance with weight loss is about changing physical routines and rewiring these neural pathways. This rewiring, or ‘neural plasticity,’ is crucial for replacing unhealthy habits with healthier ones.  

Key Benefits of KetoNeuroGenic Weight Loss

brain health

Our Secrete Formula (Don’t tell the competition)

Hotel Weight Loss via the KetoNeuroGenic Weight Loss Program redefines the weight loss experience by intertwining fun and happiness with the journey towards a healthier lifestyle. In our unique program, guests are immersed in a nurturing but also joyous, luxurious, and entertaining environment. This setting is crucial for rewiring the brain to associate weight loss with positive emotions and experiences. By participating in enjoyable activities, indulgent spa treatments, and gourmet yet healthy dining, you will learn to connect losing weight with pleasure and ease. Who says the weight loss process needs to be hard and painful? Pain, difficulty, and inconsistent weight loss results are what you get from the likes of challenging to adhere to calorie-restrictive diets that expect you to limit food intact while you starve. These antiquated old-school weight loss programs don’t support the optimal biochemical changes of the body or consider the must-have mindset support required to establish long-term change implementation and healthy weight loss results.

Our approach makes the journey more enjoyable and accelerates progress, as the positive association of fun, happiness, and weight loss encourages consistency and a more profound commitment to your health goals. So sorry, we insist you have fun on our program. We urge you to enjoy yourself if you are not open to loving the food you have and enjoying the easy process.

Check out our 7-Day KetoNeuroGenic Weight Loss Program

Your Questions, Answered

What is

A comprehensive, immersive weight loss program offered in great hotel settings, combining health, enjoyment and fun!

What makes this program unique?

It’s a fully immersive experience, blending Australian weight loss expertise of resetting the body biology with essential mindset support and blending this with luxury hotel amenities, and cutting-edge tech.

Who can benefit from this program?

Busy executives, individuals seeking extra support for long-term weight loss change, and anyone wanting to lose weight effectively. Use it as a once-off, with ongoing support post stay or book a “top up/ realignment / booster” as and when needed. 

What kind of weight loss approach is used?

A keto-based dietary plan with a focus on sustainable habits, nutritional education, and fun (the fun bit is our secrete to long term success…don’t tell our competitors).

Is ongoing support provided after the program?

Yes, we offer an optional 12 months of ongoing support to ensure long-term success. We are here for you to guide, support and when needed give you a friendly verbal kick up the you-know-what!

What kind of activities are included in the program?

Activities include fitness sessions, food education / cooking lessons (subject to hotel availability), mindset and habit-breaking workshops, health consultations and relaxation therapies.

How long is a typical program stay?

Program lengths offered are 7, 14 and 21 days, subject to your goals, budget and your availability

Are there any prerequisites for joining the program?

Yes, a commitment to embracing the program’s lifestyle changes, pushing towards happiness, and passion to improve your wellbeing! Bt we figure you have all this as you have read this far 😊

Can dietary restrictions be accommodated?

Yes, we cater to various dietary needs and preferences including but not limited to gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, specific food allergens.

How can I learn more?

Schedule a call. Fill out our inquiry form on the website or contact us directly for more information. We focus on helping passionate wonderful people move forward in their life. This is not your typical weight loss program; you must be approved based on an interview process. We will meet with all potential guests before us taking you onboard, as we need to see that the fit is right for us and you. We won’t make you jump through hoops, but as we will be dedicating whatever it takes to get results for you, we want to ensure we are a good fit.

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Choose the program that resonates with you and book your transformative experience with Hotel Weigh tLoss. Rediscover balance, prioritize your well-being, and embark on a journey to a healthier, happier you. Your personalized wellness adventure awaits!

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