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Our program’s heart lies in a story of determination, innovation, and transformation.

Nathan Baws, founder of Hotel Weight Loss, a seasoned naturopath, pioneered the KetoNeuroGenic Weight Loss Program through 20 years of practical application and personal devotion.

The turning point came when a close family member was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer. Fuelled by his expertise and relentless passion for finding solutions, Nathan embarked on a mission to change the dietary habits of his loved one. The result? Alongside other naturopaths and chemotherapy, the cancer was entirely astonishingly defeated.

This personal victory wasn’t just a triumph over illness but the spark ignited Nathan’s vision. Having successfully run Keto Weight Loss Programs in pharmacies and private practice within Western Australia for many years, Nathan knew the power of aligning health, mindset, and lifestyle. He recognized that this one success story of astonishingly overcoming terminal cancer was based on the same principles Nathan had established in his KetoNeuroGenic Weight Loss Program.

Then, an epiphany struck during a stay in a luxury Thai hotel. The immersive environment of a hotel, with its great food, fitness activities, spa and massage services, presented the perfect setting for a supportive weight loss program. While numerous programs existed globally, none offered the seamless integration Nathan envisioned—a plug-and-play model enabling hotels to adopt his Keto Weight Loss practices and leverage the advanced technology he had developed.

Today, we stand at the forefront of this innovative journey. We’re spreading our transformative philosophy by partnering with a network of hotels. Our mission is to empower individuals toward a life of optimal weight, vibrant energy, and a joyful mental outlook. Nathan’s vision has transcended personal boundaries, evolving into a global movement.

At Hotel Weight Loss, we’ve built a coalition of change, bringing together the best and most passionate healthcare experts and practices worldwide.

Our team, a diverse mix of pharmacists, naturopaths, doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, hypnotherapists, neuro-linguistic practitioners, and change therapists, is united to facilitate profound, long-lasting transformations in our guests.

Understanding that genuine wellness hinges on mental and physical health, we’ve adopted a multimodal approach. This collective expertise is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s a commitment to nurturing lasting change, ensuring each guest embarks on a sustainable journey towards health and well-being.

Program Philosophy: A Comprehensive Approach to Lasting Wellness

In the Hotel Weight Loss program, the ketogenic diet in our KetoNeuroGenic Weight Loss Program serves as the cornerstone of the physical transformation. This high-healthy-fat, low-carbohydrate eating plan shifts the body into ketosis, which burns fat for energy instead of glucose. This facilitates weight loss and improves mental clarity, sleep, mood, and energy levels. It’s the initial step in a holistic journey, where physical changes pave the way for enhanced mental well-being.

Our program philosophy centers on a comprehensive approach to weight loss that transcends traditional methods. We understand that sustainable change hinges on both physical balance and mental well-being. Our methodology integrates advanced brain-hacking techniques, such as anchoring, popularized by Anthony Robbins, and habit substitution, ensuring that change is not just temporary but ingrained.

Central to our philosophy is the significant role of happiness and enjoyment in fostering long-term transformation. We believe that infusing fun into the weight loss process enhances the experience and reinforces positive lifestyle changes. Our program is designed to create an enjoyable journey, making the path to wellness as rewarding as the destination. This combination of physical health, mental fortitude, and joy is the cornerstone of our approach, promoting lasting health and happiness for our guests.

At Hotel Weight Loss, our unwavering commitment is to our guests’ satisfaction, health, and long-term success. We go beyond temporary solutions, focusing on sustainable results that resonate with our guests’ lifestyles. Our program is tailored to meet individual needs, ensuring a personalized approach to health and well-being. We prioritize a supportive environment that nurtures both physical and mental wellness, ensuring that every guest leaves with achieved goals and the knowledge and tools to maintain their health journey. This dedication to our guests’ overall satisfaction and lasting health is the foundation of our program’s philosophy.

Meet Nathan Baws


Discover the visionary behind our Hotel Weight Loss Program: Nathan, a dynamic entrepreneur with a background in Naturopathy and a wealth of industry experience. Nathan isn’t just a wellness enthusiast; he’s a genuine practitioner of the ketogenic lifestyle, embodying its principles with a passion beyond the ordinary. His journey catalysed crafting a weight loss program that seamlessly integrates scientific knowledge, practical expertise, and a profound understanding of the keto approach.

With a diverse career, Nathan has owned and operated three health shops and managed nutritional departments in a chain of pharmacies across Western Australia. He’s established and overseen two naturopathic clinics and developed a successful supplement brand distributed in health shops and pharmacies nationwide. Nathan’s legacy includes a transformative weight loss program that empowered countless individuals to shed excess weight and attain their health aspirations.

Nathan Baws

Nathan Baws

In addition to his contributions to the health industry, Nathan has left his mark in the culinary world, having founded three Italian healthy quick-serve restaurants, retail food stores, and home delivery services. His entrepreneurial spirit extends to community fundraising and managing Air BnB properties. Now, drawing on his years of business acumen, dedication to customer service, and profound health expertise, Nathan brings an all-encompassing weight loss package to hotels, promising a transformative and holistic experience for those seeking to embark on their wellness journey.

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